Data, Data, Data

Link to the data from my Arnia Pro Beekeeping Monitor

Arnia BeeKeeper Pro

My Arnia Beekeeper Pro kit has arrived today. Looks easy to set up based on the instructions. Let’s hope the weather is good tomorrow.

MAQs knock the bees for six

Have been to check on my bees today - 1 week after putting in MAQs strips. Going back today, early evening, I thought I’d killed them all as no were flying as I walked up to them. Luckily I hadn’t killed them but they were extremely dopy and quiet.

All seemed okay other than that. I didn’t do an inspection as I didn’t feel it was needed and disturbing them any more wouldn’t be good for them.

I’ve put contact feeder in for them full of a heavy sugar mix. If the weather is suitable I’ll check then again next week.

Think I need to start buying sugar at Costco!

Think I need to start buying sugar at Costco!

The Lost Bee by Little Bird Games — Kickstarter

Help Kickstart this new Bee Educational book and game for children across the world.

From the Kickstarter site:

“The Lost Bee” is a children’s eBook app filled with an inspiring story and games that parents and children can enjoy together while they learn about honey bee biology and the importance of protecting pollinators. Hand-painted scenes will tell the story of a bumble bee larva named Bumble who is accidentally raised by honey bees. In order to become part of the hive, she must learn to do honey bee jobs with the help of her honey bee trainer, Beatrice. Later in the story when the bees in the hive become sick it is up to Bumble to save the colony.

Perfect fit - extra, extra, extra small BeeBasic suit!

Perfect fit - extra, extra, extra small BeeBasic suit!

Pollinator - Free iOS Game

Fancy being a Terminator Bee sent back in time to save honey bees? If so try this free iOS game from the co-operative!